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Launched a start-up ? Looking for abstract logo design ideas? Welcome to our website. Using our free online logo generator, you’ll create your own modern abstract shape or mark logo. Our logo maker is free and easy to use. We’ve got hundreds of logo examples that make online graphic design absolute fun. Our logo application will set your imagination flying with creative abstract logo ideas, vectors and templates. Our logo creator has a wealthy catalog of abstract logo types, shapes and icons. It allows the creation of a perfect triangle, circle, square, diamond, holy cross, hexagon shaped sphere, rhombus, spiral, pastel colour, futuristic logo design. Our editor has a variety of customizable logo shapes and forms. Our vectors have been designed by graphic design art professionals. The application will help you make your own abstract logo easily. That’s modern and practical software that creates a custom logo in a couple of clicks.

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Create an abstract logo of any geometric shape, icon, color, or background. It’s easy with Izeelogo, the free logo maker online.
Brand identity: why not start with an abstract logo design: here’s a mockup example for a start-up

Abstract Logo Design : Great Start For Branding

Logo marks like the Carrefour, Airbnb and BP logos are abstract logos. Abstract logos are a subcategory of pictographs. Abstract logo design is simply a personalized shape, symbol or icon. It can be a geometric shape or an abstract icon standing for a globe, a tree, a plant, the sun, fire, a wave, a person, a horse, a cat, a dog, a duck, a cow, a unicorn, Superman, Wonder Woman, Dragon Ball Z, a letter or even punctuation symbol, like an exclamation mark, a question mark or a speech mark. Unlike a pictogram, the significance of abstract logo design does not only depend on shape and color, but also on the viewer’s interpretation. Creating an abstract logo gives you creative freedom: you can make it embody the whole of your brand’s philosophy. For example, round shapes (circles, semicircles, ovals and ovoids) stand for unity, teamwork and synergy, while a square usually symbolizes order and security. A triangle, on the other hand, conveys a sense of balance, stability, energy and progress, and the hexagon symbolizes work, thoroughness, organization and effort. Likewise, a straight line represents simplicity and determination, whereas a horizontal line stands for the horizon with the feelings of calm and serenity that it inspires, and a diagonal line indicates movement, dynamism and action. As to curves, they evoke femininity and blooming. It’s important to consider these questions with a logo maker online to make sure you make a logo mark or shape that reflects your brand’s DNA. Using Izeelogo, the free online logo maker, create an abstract logo that conveys your brand’s deepest ideas.

Logo Design Inspiration: Free Abstract Logo Examples

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Free brand logo png: gold and blue abstract lion logo vector as lion club, food company or shirt lion logo
Futuristic logos inspiration: spherical, light grey and blue eye-ball-like abstract logo example.
Abstract logo PNG: 3D navy blue hexagon, light blue cube and prism logo design
Free logo design inspiration: light pink lotus flower abstract logo design
Blue, orange, grey and white abstract logo with stripes, squares, rhombuses, cubs geometric shapes.
2 letter abstract logo in green and black customizable as 3 or more initial letter logo design
Black palm trees and sun abstract logo PNG Customizable with Christmas, cypress or dollar tree icons
Wolf logo PNG: blue and black wolf head. Customizable as cool, red, arctic or teen wolf gaming logo
Pastel abstract logo: blue pyramid roofs, grey squares, cross and wave as green stripe logo design
Abstract triangle logo design template: red, blue and black prism and pyramid
Free custom logo design: grey, black and white sphere optical illusion abstract logo design
Custom logo design inspiration : red circle and dark blue american eagle head patriots abstract logo

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Create an abstract logo online for free now. Using our logo maker, you’ll make an original and stylish logo in a few clicks. There are no hidden costs, and you only pay if you want to purchase your logo. If you need assistance, our customer support service is there to help.

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